Discover the island of Crete

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the 5th in size in the Mediterranean sea . Crete has enough paradise to offer with its abundance of myths, legends and history ,a breathtaking landscape, an exceptional blend of past and present and a plenitude of choices . Dramatic mountain ranges are dotted with caves  and sliced by deep gorges and its rugged interior is blanketed in olive groves, wild flowers  and aromatic herbs

A high mountain range crosses the island from West to East ,formed by three different groups of mountains .

To the West the white mountains (2.453m) , in the middle the mountain of Idi (psiloritis – 2.456 m)  and to the East the mountain of Dikti (2.148m) . These mountains gifted Crete with fertile plateaus like Lassithi, Omalos and Nida ,caves like Diktaion and Idaion cave and Gorges like the famous Gorge of Samaria , the biggest in the whole Europe , with a total length of 16 Km .

There are also a few Valleys and small plains which can be explored . The largest and most important plain is that of Messara located between Psiloritis and Asterousia mountains at the center –south of the island .

While in Crete you have various options . You could easily relax in one of the organized seaside’s , to  discover a beach  of your own  or you could also explore it’s rugged landscape and ancient history .There are plenty outdoor activities including scuba-diving ,rock climbing ,cycling windsurfing etc Crete never fails to intrigue and delight